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Hello I'm Adelle... I create, make, pickle & polish every order from my home which is based in Lincolnshire. Each of my orders are made with the same pair of hands, finished & packaged by myself, no order will ever be identical making them all unique.

What makes me unique? well firstly I use the delft clay casting method as oppose to metal clay & every cast that leaves my bench has been created by me, I don't use casting companies. Take the acorn over their for example, this was lovingly picked in our local park by my 6 year old daughter & each and every solid silver acorn is hand cast from the original real acorn. In addition to this anything I sell you over the weight of 7.78g in 925 silver will have made a journey to the Goldsmith's Hall Assay Office in London for a full traditional hallmark, this is essentially a third party testing to guarantee the purity of the precious metal i'm claiming to sell you, I guess you could call this the oldest form of consumer protection & often is overlooked by many UK  jewellers. I mean who wouldn't want to look back in decades to come & find the who, what, where & when information that your hallmark provides, especially if your article is an heirloom.

Along side my ever changing collections i also offer bespoke services, should you not find that special item you had your heart set on then please leave me an email and i will be happy to help.

The name?  it's a question i am often asked...Pickle is the process i use to remove the oxidised surfaces which occur on the silver after i heat it up (it turns a yucky blackish colour) ..I then pop it into a warm acid compound bath which is called a pickle, once complete i remove & start the polish process! And there we have it! 

Thank You for taking the time to read this... Happy browsing...